I am composing a list of FAQ from potential EV West customers and thought I might as well share it here since many of you stumbling upon my conversion chronicles might have similar curiosities ricocheting inside their craniums.

I should emphasize that these questions are for potential converters. They are for people at the very beginning of the search for conversion answers. Understandably, the aforementioned can only be given a limited amount of explanation time over the phone. There is only so much sharing of information that can be done by one-at-a-time-ing... with most of the information, quite frankly, easily being found on that gem of civilization called the internet. So, congratulations, if you are reading this you are already ahead of the curve.

Trike Drifting

A sport that involves childish fun and adult danger. Let's ride.

The Local Motors Verrado

I've had a pair of these less than a month and have already, with the help of some friends, rolled them over 60 miles, plain rolled them over, gone through 8 sets of tires and 6 sets of sleeves, had lots of laughs, had to use some band-aids, modified the battery for quick release and brainstormed dozens of other upgrades, taken on some hills, had some hill side take-offs, recorded a couple trips (see below), and in general had the most awesome time a guy can have on three wheels. Unless the EV Ural proves otherwise.

***These have been discontinued but I have plans on building a rear-wheel drive version... as soon as the Ural is finished.