Trike Drifting

A sport that involves childish fun and adult danger. Let's ride.

The Local Motors Verrado

I've had a pair of these less than a month and have already, with the help of some friends, rolled them over 60 miles, plain rolled them over, gone through 8 sets of tires and 6 sets of sleeves, had lots of laughs, had to use some band-aids, modified the battery for quick release and brainstormed dozens of other upgrades, taken on some hills, had some hill side take-offs, recorded a couple trips (see below), and in general had the most awesome time a guy can have on three wheels. Unless the EV Ural proves otherwise.

To Purchase email and mention #powerslide for a discount.


Winner announced on this coming episode of the EV Show. The suspense, the anticipation!


To enter the Gravity 33" Larry Bertlemann skateboard deck giveaway just donate to The Earl Project ($5 suggested) through Paypal or BitCoin, or in person at the EVWest Shop OR post your name and mention Earl in the EVShow youtube comments! Easy-Peasy.


Giveaway ends and winner randomly selected May 1st.

The money (if you so choose to donate) will be put toward an on-board charger, most likely an Elcom PFC1500. The remainder (if any) will be used for other Earl expenses. Thank you everyone!!

(donations appreciated!)
*If the Nigerian Prince sent you, simply post your bank account information and you will be richly rewarded.
**Winner picks up at shop or pays shipping.